Changing seasons trip (September 5th- 10th) Shoal Lake

Changing seasons trip (September 5th- 10th) Shoal Lake

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September is a unique time to Canoe trip in northern western Ontario. The bugs have all left for the season, the heat becomes more mild the water cooler, the lakes see fewer people and with the shoreline changing its colours this really makes for a truly beautiful experience.

Join us as we paddle the waters of Shoal lake and Lake of the woods for 5 nights all while exploring abandoned Goldmines, navigating portages, fishing and cooking delicious meals over an open fire.

Shoal lake has many beautiful well kept campsites and portages. This is a perfect Canoe trip for some last minute summer camping or a great way to kick off the fall season.

The route is roughly 75km with 7 portages and some of Lake of the woods best kept secrets.

On day 3 you will find yourself on Brocket lake, a small lake cut off from boat traffic and only accessible by Canoe. This is one of the clearest lakes in the region.

  • With purchase of trip you will get-

  • One paddle Canada, Sirus First aid, Lifeguard, certified guide.

  • All equipment and canoes to meet your needs

  • Gourmet food cooked over open fire and Whisperlite stoves

  • Wine and sprits based on preference

  • 3 man El capitan tents

  • Fishing gear

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