What to Bring:

  • headlamp or flashlight with extra batteries

  • Buff or bandana

  • Waterproof sunscreen, lip balm and a sun hat

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste or tooth Tablets

  • Biodegradable soap

  • bathing suit and compact towel

  • Rain jacket and rain pants

  • toque, mitts or gloves, wool socks, fleece or sweater

  • closed toe shoes (old running shoes work great)

  • extra shoes or sandals

  • sleeping bag, camping pillow and sleeping pad(thermarest type)

  • compact camp chair (helionox, mEC or crazyCreek styles)

  • water bottle and caribiner

  • bug hood or insect repellent ( please don’t spray in or near tents or gear)

  • t-shirt, shorts or pants ( quick dry is recommended)

  • extra set of clothes

  • Long underwear (wool or synthetic)

  • dry bag

  • Critical meds (2 sets in waterproof container-store one with guides)


  • Pocket knife

  • Camera or binoculars

  • sm roll duct tape

  • matches

  • 2 extra garbage bags

  • 5m light cord

  • fishing gear and license

  • hammock

  • Trip Journal or sketchbook

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Some Packing Tips:

  • Organize items into small bags within your larger dry bag.

  • Make sure your raingear is accessible.

  • Toothpaste tablets (available at healthfood stores) work great.

  • If you chose to bring some of your own snacks, let us know and we will store them for you in a food barrel.